Irmgard Schaller

Violin & Viola

Photo by Annelies van der Vegt


"...the superb solo playing of the harpsichordist, Steven Devine and the viola player Irmgard Schaller was the highlight of a wonderful tribute to Bach's genius..." Evening Post, 18.10.2010
"...Die stupende musikalische Rhetorik Irmgard Schallers erwies sich ebenso selbstverständlich in Bachs Sonate ..." (Irmgard Schaller's stunning musical rhetoric showed itself just as naturally in Bach's Sonata ... ) DrehPunktKultur, 2008
"... heartfelt delivery created a sense of ecstasy and structural magnitude ... "
The Scotsman, 15.1.2007

"...Nicht nur, dass die Barockspezialisten eine internationale Karriere vorzuweisen hat, sie überzeugte mit Stilsicherheit und Gefühl für den barocken rhythmischen Puls..." (Not only does this baroque specialist have an international career, but she convinced us with her stylistic certainty and her feel for the baroque rhythmic pulse) Salzburger Volkszeitung, 14.10.2004
"...Eine stilkundige Musikerin mit weitem Horizont. Wie selbstverständlich geht sie um mit der Musik..." (A stylistically knowledgeable musician with a broad horizon. She responds completely naturally to the music)
Salzburger Nachrichten, 13.10.2004

"...Schaller developed the piece beyond our wildest expectations and through the fiercest of those develish string crossings every note was clear, full and meaningful... has an exceptional gift and a natural harmony with the violin..." NWN, 7.10.2004
"...radiant and inspired..." NWN 31.7.2003
"...delicate and passionate...perfect ensemble between players of outstanding musicality..." NWN, 16.7.2002
"...totally absorbing, combining as it did musicianship, humour, variety and an ability to transform seemingly simple solos and duets into something greater..." NWN, 6.7.2000
"Violinists Irmgard Schaller and Richard Gwilt are a well-matched pair; their sensitively phrased and lucidly balanced textures are infused with vitality, rhetoric and a wide range of expression and instrumental colour."
The Strad, Feb. 1998

"...Irmgard Schaller's tone is focussed, distinctive and even throughout the range, and boasts a particularly lovely E-string timbre... The dance movements beg audience participation and the slower movements have a wonderful range of subtle colour and invention..." Classic CD, Nov. 1997
"... Irmgard Schaller verfügt über hinreißend viel Verve, starken Ton und große Geste..." Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine, 4.6.1996